What is your family's Legacy?

The accomplishments, beliefs, actions and guidance you demonstrate in your life that carry over to future generations.

When you look at your family and say, “You’ve got grandpa's eyes.” or, “You walk just like grandma.” or, “You looked just like dad as a baby!”  That's all part of what makes your family different and unique. A hundred years from now if your decendants were able to experience you, they would see similarities in you that are in them. That's also part of your family's legacy. It's in your DNA! 

You have a chance to continue or begin capturing that journey for your children and future generations. That link that gives your family it's unique identity. A lot of us wonder about our history and have a sense of wanting to know our identity.  That identity is important in shaping who you are today.  It gives you strength in rough times and helps to pass on values to your children. 

Restart your family's legacy today. Don't let more of your legacy disappear. What I would give to have even a few minutes that showed my father's personality and wisdom on film.  In the next few years you'll spend thousands of dollars on things that wear out, get tossed and are forgotten.  Things that unlike your legacy, are relatively unimportant.  Let us create a long lasting, permanent memory for your family and future generations.

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 Why have us preserve your legacy?  Almost everyone has a camera and a list of questions they'd like to record of their loved ones.  But, with your busy schedule and trying to organize and meet with your loved ones, it's no wonder you've put this off. We make it easy by doing all the organizing and helping you get the most out of the interview.

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