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It's pretty well known that most civilizations passed on stories, dances, recipes and traditions to keep their unique culture relevant to future generations. They had a high regard for their stories and the importance of passing this on down family generations.

Through storytelling they have passed down their wisdom, traditions, spiritual and historical understandings of themselves and the worlds they inhabit to their children and their children’s children.

Today families are spread out. Communities are disconnected and storytelling has become a lost art. We rarely sit and share our family stories. Our busy schedules don't give us time to set aside to pass on these important stories to our children. We are losing our roots and our family's identity.

We know it's been something you've thought about doing. And you know how quickly time escapes.

We have that time. We make it convenient and affordable to finally capture first hand the legacy that is part of you and the essence of what makes your family unique.


Dale grew up on a dairy farm. He talks about a time while he was teaching in seminary and a skunk was living under one of the buildings...

Linda talks about life on the farm and how their home was open to people needing help and how this affected their children.

Patti talks about her first born son and the emotions of a mother.

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