My dad was a pretty good story teller. I never tired of him talking about his early life and his career as an engineer. He'd tell me stories about his dad and their family and just so many interesting things. I try now but I can't tell them to my kids as well as he could.  And honestly, I've even forgotten many of them.

I can see in my kids eyes they wish they knew more about their grandpa. He knew them but because he died when they were little, they have very few memories of him.  That connection is lost.

Like you, I had every intention of sitting down with dad to record his story. But like many of us, I myself was too busy with life. Sadly, all I have are a few seconds of him on video. Not enough to really see this great man I knew.

Keep all those stories about mom and dad preserved. You know, the ones you share at holiday dinners, around the campfire or, those rare moments when you're all together. The ones that have you rolling. Keep the stories you grew up with and enjoy hearing over and over.  


Will they be remembered through pictures and stories told by you to your children?  Honor them by letting them tell their story first hand in a way that will bring you joy and connect you to your family's past and your family‚Äôs future.



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