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Keep those stories about mom and dad forever, first hand. You know, the ones you share at holiday dinners, around the campfire or, those rare moments when you're all together. The ones that have you rolling and yes, sometimes crying. The stories you grew up with and enjoy hearing over and over.  


Through pictures and second hand stories told by you to your children?  Honor them by letting them tell their story first hand. Captured in a way you will enjoy watching for years to come.

My dad was a great guy and story teller! He'd have me rolling with stories about family and his friend, Tommy. I kept telling myself I needed to record his stories! Sadly, he died young and I never got the chance.


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Those stories are gone and I can barely remember the details to tell them like he did.  My kids who are now adults tell me they wish they knew more about their grandpa. He knew them when they were little but, they have very few memories of him. I have lots of pictures but, pictures don't really show the man I admired and loved.

keep what you love most... your family!

Dale grew up on a dairy farm. He talks about a time while he was teaching in seminary and a skunk was living under one of the buildings...


Linda talks about their home being open to people needing help and how this affected their children.

Patti talks about her first born son and the emotions of a mother.

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